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Surf Photography Sunshine Coast
Here is a list of some of the best Surf breaks for Ocean Art Surf Photography on the Sunshine Coast!
Noosa National Park
Noosa PhotographyNoosa Surf Photography
Probably one of the most photographed and surfed spot on the Sunshine Coast but for a good reason! When this place turns on it can pump out some of the most amazing waves running for over 300metres, but you will have to dodge a few people while enjoying the wave 
Noosa National Park is split up into a few different breaks dispersing the crowds a little more from First Point, Little Cove, Nationals, Boiling Pot, Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay and Alexandra Bay.
Coolum Beach and Bays
Coolum Beach and the Bays are nestled away from all the crowds with a multiple and diverse range of surf breaks on offer. The main beach and the headland is protected slightly from the SouthEast winds creating a nice build up of beach breaks on offer. Coolum Bays would have to be one of my favourite spots on the Sunshine Coast, tucked away down the long winding stairs to the beach you will find a hidden oasis of pandanus tree over hanging the beautiful white sand beaches. Grab a picnic, surfboards and the kids and enjoy this little gem on the Coast.
Mooloolaba Beach
Mooloolaba Beach is a haven for Surf Photographers of all skill levels. Because the shape of the wave and how it breaks so close to the beach is perfect for swimming in and under to capture those unique angles.  Usually through the summer time we get the huge Cyclone swell from up north push down rather large swell allowing it to wrap into Mooloolaba beach with great force! It’s usually the only place on the Coast that is sheltered from the winds and can handle the large swell making it a haven for all surfers and photographers.
Point Cartwright
Point Cartwright is a very rocky and reefy surf break near the river mouth of Mooloolaba protected from the SouthEast winds. One of the heavier waves on the Sunshine Coast for surf photography and surfing, usually only for experienced waterman even sometimes they can come unstuck.
Breaking in 3 different spots you have the
  • Rock Wall break, a bit more of a mellower wave (but beware you do surf towards the break wall so jump off early!)
  • Platforms – Usually only breaks on a bigger swell wrapping around the headland
  • The Rock – Popular spot for body boarders as it gets very shallow and sharp, usually a very short wave but can produce a very fun barrel
Wurtulla Beach
Wurtulla Beach is along the open stretches of beach from Currimundi to Kawana Pocket and is hands down one of the best surf breaks on the Sunshine Coast. It is a play ground for Beginners to the Experienced surfers with over 10-15 different sand banks breaking over a 1km Stretch. You will find the best wave in the middle near the small rocky out crop where the sand builds up creating some very hollow waves. Surf photographers love this place as it does create some very hollow and sucky waves to photography.
Dicky Beach
Dicky Beach is hands down one of my favourite places for Surf Photography on the Sunshine Coast. There are 3 different surf breaks in the one small area, first and the most popular is the beach breaks near Neil St carpark offering up some fun, punchy but short waves.
The next is a spot the locals call “COVE which is my favourite spot to capture my images as it’s a very heavy reef break creating some mutant almost un-surfable waves.
The third place is a bit of a paddle out to one of the outer reefs called “Dicky Beach Reef” only breaking on a lower tide and needs an average sized swell to break well. But when you get a nice ground swell push through on the right day it can produce some of the heaviest waves on the Sunshine Coast. Great for surf photography as you can sit of to the side with a longer lens and in the safety from a Jet Ski or Surfboard.
Moffat Beach
Moffat Beach is known as a long boarders heaven, even on the smaller days you can still catch a little peeler coming through over the rocks out near the point or on the inside near the main beach. On the bigger swells as you can see in the image above it can break a fair way out making the paddle out a bit of a mission but if you game enough to jump of the rock near the headland it will save you some time and energy.
Kings Beach
Kings Beach Surf PhotographySurf Photography Sunshine Coast
Voted best beach on the Sunshine Coast you can clearly see why! Sheltered from the North winds in summer time is surely is the place to by on the Sunshine Coast in Summer! In the main hub of Caloundra, Kings Beach is prime location for Surf Photographers and Surfers with a range of different waves breaking from the main beach all the way to Happy Valley. On the lower tide you can find a little Mal wave breaking up near the old boat ramp/headland or head down to Happy Valley for some very easy and mellow waves. If you’re after some fun little punchy waves you can find them at Kings Beach Groyne along with a lot of body boarders enjoying the short but fun little barrel. For surf photographers on the Sunshine Coast try checking out some of the little reefs near the pool or headland.
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