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Top 10 Places To Catch The Sunset On The Sunshine Coast
“The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.”
The above quote by noted novelist Pamela Hansford Johnson strikingly captures the beauty of the sunset. Yes, when the sun gradually disappears below the horizon, our minds refuse to accept that the spectacular phenomenon is due to something mundane like rotation.
At sunset, the sky erupts into a palette of colours and with that our heart also fills with an unexplainable joy, joy of observing a spectacular sight that makes us understand about the presence of the Almighty who has created this beautiful world.
There are several places across the world, where millions of people flock to capture the sunset, and one such place is the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
So, let’s have a look at the top 10 places that you should visit to catch the sunset on the Sunshine Coast. Here, we go!
Dicky Beach
Named after a steam ship-S.S. Dicky, the beach is not just famous for its picture-perfect sunsets, but also surfing and swimming activities. If till now you have a sunset view only while taking a leisurely stroll on the beach, try to catch the same while playing with waves and believe me, the experience will become an unforgettable one.
Dicky Beach - Sunshine Coast Photography
Moffat Beach
Studded with a strip of vibrant cafes and restaurants, the pristine beach is an ideal location to catch a sunset regardless of what you are doing at that time because, from each viewpoint, the sunset scene will unfold with a new beauty.
Moffat Beach - Sunshine Coast Photography
Glass House Mountains
When you are not busy tasting the local wine or exploring the thrill of mountain biking, just pause for a few moments at sunset time and fix your gaze on the horizon. The sky will become insanely fiery with hues of red, yellow, and pink.
Glass House Mountains -Sunshine Coast Photography
Currimundi Lake
The calm waters of the beautiful lake serve as the right viewpoint to catch the glimpse of a marvelous sunset on the Sunshine Coast.
 Currimundi Lake - Sunshine Coast Photography
Kawana Jetty
You can also try to spend some time on the timber jetty on Lake Kawana to have a splendid view of the sky with orange, bright yellow, and shades of brown during sunset.
 Kawana Jetty - Sunshine Coast Photography
Point Cartwright
A perfect sunset is not always associated with hues of orange and yellow, and this becomes apparent when you visit Point Cartwright located at the northern end of the Kawana beach.
Point Cartwright - Photography Sunshine Coast
Summer Set Dam/Somerset Dam
Again the calm waters and multitude of bare trees at the Somerset Dam serve as a perfect place to catch a sunset when flakes of clouds are there in the blue-golden sky.
Somerset Dam - Photography Sunshine Coast
Bulcock Beach
Popular as a wedding destination, the Bulcock beach is the right place to enjoy a sunset, especially when the sky is a little cloudy and you have chosen the right viewpoint.
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Timing is everything when you aim at catching a spectacular sunset. However, a visit to the vibrant town of Caloundra will change your perception. Whether you are surfing, swimming or chatting with the locals, the sunset view is always panoramic.
caloundra, Photography Sunshine Coast
Mooloolaba - Photography Sunshine Coast
If you are not keen to catch a sunset while walking on the popular sandy beach, try the weekend SUNSET CRUISE
So, stop in your tracks if you are nowhere close to these top 10 places and plan now to visit these locations to have a view of your lifetime.